Sunday, May 24, 2015

I have been blessed to live in a unique area of the central east coast of Florida on one of the barrier islands; specifically, Melbourne Beach.

On one side of us is the Indian River and on the other side is the Atlantic Ocean and a beautiful stretch of coastline that bares next to no commercial development. Our little stretch of paradise is approximately five miles north of the world famous Sebastian Inlet and an hour south of Canaveral National Seashore.

Here in our little beach side community, we know each other by name. Many of our social activities revolve around what the tide is at the beach. I love to spend countless hours walking our shores with my toes in the water and sand beach combing. You just never know what the ocean will wash up at your feet (not to forget the beauty of live nature that I encounter daily).

One of my favorite things to find is sea glass. It’s my love of sea glass, shells, and other ocean treasures that led me to want to share my finds with you.

All sea glass and other ocean treasures in my shop were hand collected by me. The majority being found on the beaches of the central east coast of Florida. It is the real deal. Genuine sea glass, tumbled and frosted in the ocean and picked up by me on our coastal shores.

Each piece is a unique little treasure from the sea. No two pieces are alike. I try to use interesting shaped pieces with smooth edges in my pendants and earrings.

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  1. Beautiful selections Miss RaeAnna! I wish you much success on your new venture <3