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How To Clean and Care for Your Sea Glass Jewelry - Part One

Caring For Your Sea Glass Jewelry

(Part One)

In Part One of "Caring For Your Sea Glass Jewelry", I will talk about caring for the glass itself. In Part Two of this piece, I will talk about cleaning the metal components of your jewelry. I will write about what I do and do not use to clean the metal components to keep those metals looking good without harming your glass. So onward to Part One..........

I only use genuine, natural sea glass that I have found beach combing. For the purposes of this writing when I refer to sea glass, this is what I am referring to. I am not talking about recycled or machine tumbled glass.

Genuine sea glass that has been fully "cooked" by the water and sand of the ocean has a beautiful frosty outer layer.  This is referred to as the "frost". Touching and wearing your jewelry can wear on the "frost" as body oils get into the pores of the sea glass and make your piece look like it has lost its "frost".   Body oils along with moisture in the air can cause the "frost" to look as though it has disappeared over time. You can bring back the "frost" to your sea glass by wiping it down with a lint free cloth and a touch of rubbing alcohol. Warm soapy water can also bring back the "frost" to your piece. Just add a touch of dish detergent to the warm water.

The last item I want to talk about today is the "color" of your sea glass.  You may choose to wear your jewelry in it's state of natural "frost" or you may choose to enhance the "color" of it.  I like the idea of showing a beautiful piece of surf tumbled sea glass in either it's "frosted" state or enhancing the "color" of the sea glass.  Most jewelry pieces I make, I "oil" to bring out the color upon completion of the piece.

If you want to bring out the color apply a very small amount of baby oil with a lint free cloth.  Use a dry spot on the cloth to blot off any excess oil.  Treating your sea glass with oil will intensify the color and give it that wet look as when it was found in the surf.  The frost will return over time on its own or you can wash it in warm soapy water as described above to wash the oil away.  It's a matter of preference; "frost" or "color" that shines.

Note:  It won't harm any clothing it may come into contact with once it is oil treated.

Part Two of "How To Clean and Care for Your Sea Glass Jewelry" will post later this week!  Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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Working on some wire wraps to add to my Etsy shop.  Sadly it is a rainy day here and not good for taking pictures.  Will get these up in the store as soon as the sun comes out !!!  Have a wonderful day !!!

I'm working on a post that talks about how to clean and care for your sea glass jewelry.  Stay tuned.